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Seminar in Senegal:

Embark on a change of scenery guaranteed; destination Senegal! With its mix of cultures, this country will seduce you for sure! Located between the Sahel and the largest rainforest, the Republic of Senegal is one of the most stable countries in Africa. For your viewing pleasure, you'll discover extraordinary sites, such as natural parks, rich in uncommon animal species, and will find beachfront on sandy beaches stretching out of sight! It's within this intersection, full of ethnic groups and traditions, that you'll have the opportunity to meet locals, who are friendly, warm and hospitable, and who won't hesitate to show you every nook and cranny in their little piece of haven. With tourism booming, Senegal will welcome you and delight you!

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seminaire-com_lu108_senegal_dakar_saly_90_c LUXURY Paris-Dakar: take off for a total change of scene!

Come discover Dakar, a town full of surprises:! Taste the traditional Senegalese cooking, go a quad trip to the Pink Lake, enjoy the unusual view points, collect salt with the Saly women and draw water in the village... a unique experience awaits you in Senegal Wonder at the animals in the Bandia Reserve and discover the ancestral Africa in Almadie. A luxurious seminar in Senegal for the pleasure if your senses!

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All the magic of Senegal for your seminar

Between a concert with 50 percussionists and a gala evening at Fort d'Estrée, you will go on a discovery of the natural coquetry of the Pink Lake:! This seminar in Senegal is just like a fairy tale.

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Senegal’s natural forces

Between wild and ferocious animal reserves and and calming natural parks, you surely wont be bored in Senegal. Here is a seminar which offers havens of peace and atypical attractions less than 6 hours from Paris!

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Paris-Dakar during a seminar

In a rowing boat, in a dugout canoe or even the atypical "car-rapides (fast-buses)", take off for the discovery of Senegal during a seminar. The bush offers a generous nature and so an exceptional setting for team building activities.

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